Common Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit

No matter where you look or how often you rearrange things, there isn’t enough storage space in your home or office. Since you really need the room, you’ve considered renting space in a storage facility as a viable option.

Is this really the smart choice? Keep reading to discover common reasons to rent a storage unit today.

1. Clean the Clutter From Your Home Using a Storage Facility

What do you see as you look around your home? Do you see a clean and clutter-free living space? Or do you see room after room full of disorder and junk?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to fill your home with clutter. You let the mail pile up in a corner and before long it spreads like a virus.

You buy new outfits for the kids and forget to throw out or donate their old clothes. Now you have piles of clothes invading your bedrooms. Or a million other things happen to bring chaos and clutter to your living space.

Renting a storage unit is the easiest way to optimize your space. Get a self-storage unit and put everything that isn’t an immediate need within and tackle it whenever you’re to banish your clutter once and for all.

2. Home Renovations Are About to Begin

Many people rent self-storage units before a major renovation. Instead of leaving their furniture and other precious belongings vulnerable during construction, they feel content knowing their important valuables are safe and sound in a storage facility away from home.

3. Moving Day is on the Horizon

Are you about to move? It’s a difficult and grueling task if you own too much stuff. Some people prefer renting a storage unit to lighten their load before the big day.

Do you have a set of golf clubs no longer in use? Put them in the storage unit if you aren’t ready to part with them. Do you hold tightly to the China set your grandma gave you right before she passed on? You may not use these dishes, but you’ll never part with this precious gift. It sounds like a great addition to the storage unit.

Before moving day sneaks up on you, put everything without an immediate need or use into storage. It will make this difficult day much easier to handle.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has their own reasons for needing storage. Most commonly, people rent self-storage before moving, renovating their home, or to eliminate unending clutter.

Other possibilities include downsizing, starting a new hobby, and storing business inventory. Consider self-storage to make life simpler and less stressful on you and your loved ones.


4 Quick Tips to Better Inventory Control Management

If yours is like many smaller businesses, you have inventory consisting of finished products for sale or raw materials for making the products or for servicing your clients’ needs. Whatever the situation, you’ve got “stuff,” and plenty of it.

Inventory control management is critical to the success of your company. That includes storage decisions to keep your inventory from overrunning your business. Here are a few tips for managing your inventory rather than letting it control you.

Figure out what’s important. Not all inventory is equal. For some businesses, 20 percent of it might be used 80 percent of the time. That’s the stuff you need to get the greatest control over first.

Because this is the inventory that will cause your business the most disruption if it runs out unexpectedly or you have supply chain slowdowns when reordering.

Store your inventory according to need. That which you must get to quickest and/or most frequently should be within easiest reach. That’s an easy way to boost productivity and avoid crisis mode.

Adopt a software solution. Inventory control doesn’t have to mean only manual counts and spreadsheets.

The answer might be in the cloud. The digital cloud. Put your search engine of choice to work, using the keywords “inventory control software” or “inventory control apps.”

You’ll find workable solutions from QuickBooks, InventoryCloud, Fishbowl and countless others. Many offer “test drives” so you can see which system best meets your needs.

Consider off-site storage. We’ve all seen those reality TV shows featuring hoarders. Even though those programs involve homes rather than companies, the concept is the same within a business environment.

Your inventory can take over, squeezing out room for product displays, equipment, paperwork, employees and even customers. The advantage of highly organized off-site storage is that it’s not underfoot. Choose the right storage facility and your stuff can be easily accessible without ever being in the way.

With these quick tips in hand, you’ll know what you have and where it’s at when it’s needed. And that, when you think of it, is a great inventory management strategy.


Instagram bio ideas to get your business noticed

If you need to get some traction to your company, you might have set up an Instagram account. Utilizing the digital era is a great idea nowadays, but it’s so hard to get attention to your page. This is where the bio of your Instagram account comes in. If you have a successful bio, you will surely see more business.

You might feel the pressure since this is the first thing prospective customers see, but fear not! Here are some great tips to write the perfect bio.

Using Instagram for Online Advertising

The first thing you can do is use keywords to your benefit. If you didn’t know, there are certain words that Google loves to show to its users. Adding descriptive words to your business Instagram will yield better results on Google which leads to more clicks.


Formatting is the next big thing to keep in mind. Having a really cleanly formatted bio with some emojis to break up the text will draw the eye of the reader. Similar to how much we love a photo in the middle of an article to keep our attention!


Use links in your bio! Link to your website, your blog, whatever you can link to that’s pertinent. This is another tool that will yield better Google results.

Call to Action

Give the customers a desire to do something. Using a call-to-action will make the reader take an additional step. This could be a line asking them to look at your site, contact you for certain reasons, or for them to follow your other social media. This is arguably the most important part of online advertising your business on Instagram.


Color Coding For Storage Unit Success


If you need to rely on a storage unit, it is in your best interest to keep it as organized as possible. Having one is supposed to be a convenience, not a hassle.

One of the best ways to successfully use self-storage is to practice color coding. You can do this by setting a certain color for each category of items you are storing.

For example, you could assign the color green to kitchen items and the color black to sports equipment. All you have to do is use markers or paint to designate each box accordingly.

Self-Storage Organization Tips

Color-coded boxes are a great way to assess the items in your storage unit at a quick glance. This eliminates the need to open multiple boxes in an attempt to find what you are looking for.

You can even use colors to help organize your storage unit if you and other family members are using it. All you have to do is assign a color to each family member.

Following the method above, everyone in the household gets their own boxes for their belongings. This is another way to store items as efficiently as possible.

If you are struggling to assign a color to each family member, think about his or her personality. For a compassionate female, pink is the ideal color to associate them with.

For someone who is pure and innocent, white is the most fitting choice. By using colors to help identify the contents of boxes at a quick glance you can get the most out of your storage unit.


Here’s how your water heater works

Any machine that you use in your home that needs water, such as doing laundry to washing dishes or taking a hot shower, requires a water heater.

The most common type of water heater is one that stores water in its tank at a desired temperature and is available whenever you turn it on.

A gas water heater pulls cold water into the tank with a dip tube. The gas burner then heats the water. When the burner burns gas, it pulls really hot and toxic water through a chimney that is in the middle of the tank.

The chimney pulls the toxic air outside while heating the metal chimney which then heats the water around it. When you turn on a faucet, the water heater then moves the heated water to all the plumbing in the house.

The heated water rises, and as cold water is brought back in through the dip tube, the hot water is pushed out. You can set the temperature of your water with the thermometer that is connected to the gas line.

If the water temperature gets too high or if pressure is building up in your take, there is a valve that opens up to release the water.

This is the temperature and pressure relief valve. The helps protect you and made sure your water heater does not explode. It also has a drain valve on the water heater to drain it and reduce the amount of sediment that builds up in the tank. This drainage should be done annually.


Should jewelry be the first thing you sell when you’re in a cash bind?

When cash is low, it can be stressful. How can you pay rent, buy groceries, or get gas?

Luckily, there are items in your own home that, if you are willing to part with, can make you enough money to get by in these troubling times. While items like clothes, books, gift cards are possibilities to sell, jewelry will usually give the best return on energy. Few pieces can earn you a decent amount of cash.

What kind of jewelry to sell?

When deciding which pieces of jewelry to try to sell to make quick cash, just any piece will not do. It is important that the jewelry is real and will be worth something because of its metal and/or precious stones.

Decide which pieces of jewelry you no longer wear or perhaps you’ve been keeping for sentimental value but really do not need. Older jewelry and certain brands may be worth more than others. Certain metals, like gold, usually will earn you more money than another metal like silver.

Places that buy gold

If you’re able to find gold pieces of jewelry, you want to find the best place to sell your gold for cash. Below are some places that you can sell gold to:

Jewelry Store

Some jewelry stores will buy your jewelry and use the gold for future pieces. Most will appraise the item and give you cash for the gold that you’re selling.

Pawn Shop

Pawn shops will buy your jewelry as long as the piece is worth money as well. If you have an antique piece, that is even better for a pawn shop to buy.

No matter where you choose to sell, jewelry–especially gold jewelry–is always a great option to sell when you find yourself in a cash bind.


Realtors vs real estate brokers: What’s the difference?

They might seem like the same thing, but there’s actually some big differences between a realtor and a real estate broker. Moving is a confusing and stressful time, so let’s get some clarity!

What is a Real Estate Broker?

A real estate broker is a highly educated person. They obtained a real estate broker license for their state which involves testing and schooling. They could work as an independent, or they might start their own brokerage and hire agents to work for them.

They will oversee the employees on their team, and they will hold the buyer’s deposit in escrow. They have more of an ownership role in the company.

What is a Realtor?

A realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors which is a federally registered group. This is a group that real estate brokers can join, along with property managers and appraisers for real estate. The NAR has high standards of operation and they hold their agents to them. They are looking to maker sure that clients have a better experience when working with a realtor.

Not only do realtors have to go through all of the training and schooling to hold a title of real estate broker, they then have to go through additional learning to become a realtor. They have a course every 4 years that the member has to retake. Additionally, there is a strict code of ethics that’s enforced.

Essentially, a realtor is someone who has gone through all of the testing to become a top-tier real estate broker.


Hanging on a Thread Deciding How to Store Clothes? These Tips will Cut You Loose

As moving day approaches, last minute packing of items like clothes can pose a problem—if you’re ill prepared. Granted, it’s easy to just toss everything in boxes or plastic bags and make a run for it or stick it in a storage facility.

But, who’s going to iron out the wrinkles left behind from that laziness? Avoid adding heaps of laundry to your ‘to-do’ list upon moving in with these clothing packing tips.

Moving Clothes on Hangers

Hanging clothes are truly the bane of any fashion-loving person’s existence when it comes time to move or pack things up for storage facilities. Easy solutions include:

Wardrobe Boxes: While they are a bit costly, you get what you pay for with a standup wardrobe box. They feature metal hanger bars that essentially allow each wardrobe box to act as a portable closet.

Garment Bags: An easy solution for keeping hanging clothes organized and lying flat are garment bags that are waterproof and feature a handy zip front.

Garbage Bags: Keeping prized clothes in garbage bags is super cheap and easy. Drop clothes in and tie the hangers together with the tie or cinch and go. Poking a hole in the bottom of the bag and easing hangers into it will keep clothes protected just as well.

Moving Clothes in a Boxes and Bags

Half of the average person’s wardrobe isn’t stored on hangers, and they are the easiest to pack for moving. Simply put clean clothes folded neatly (they are neat, right?) into a box, and if you’re planning long term storage, consider shielding them in plastic bags.

Don’t care how those gym clothes, T-shirts and undergarments get there? Toss them in a garbage bag or vacuum sealed storage bags and move on.

Got Too Much Stuff? Consider a Self-Storage Facility

You can’t always take everything you want right now, so consider looking into a storage facility that can meet your temporary overflow needs.


The Worst Advice Loudspeakers Get… Along With What They Ought To Be Told

Loudspeakers get nervous. It is only natural. For many people, this is an chance by having an important stage to produce a good impression – or else! Supportive supporters make an effort to help with whatever they think is great advice. Frequently it’s but frequently it is not. Really, a couple of from the worst advice I’ve heard remains presented to loudspeakers by buddies, family and colleagues.

Related image

“You should not be nervous… you’ll be great.”

When has telling individuals to ‘t be nervous built them into less nervous? It’s like telling anyone to not feel hot. You cannot just switch these sensations on / off. And telling someone suffering stage fright they are great is unhelpful or simply unheard.

It’s terrible advice because so many people are already telling themselves, “I should not be so nervous.” It truly reinforces their feeling of wrongness. They’re not only feeling nervous they’re feeling guilty for feeling by doing this! Just what a sure-fire approach to erode self-confidence.

Rather, they ought to be told that nervousness is typical. A couple of from the world’s best-known performers get debilitating performance anxiety. Once they accept the fact situation your own body’s natural reaction to a greater-stress scenario, they could check out techniques to mitigate the outcomes. This is often slow breathing, walking out their presentation (metaphorically and/or literally), hearing their favourite music – it’s very individual.

“Calm lower.”

Much like “You should not be nervous”. Wasted words.

Rather, recognise the adrenalin hurry that really help change it in the negative energy with a positive excitement by reassuring them simply how much everyone else is searching toward their presentation.

“Keep switching your presentation so most generally it’s interesting to suit your needs.In .

Compare your speech with a tour. You are the tour guide, the venues you visit constitute your posts along with your audience could be the tour group. Imagine you are a tourist because group as well as the guide states, “Thank you for visiting X. This really is really the first time I’ve been here. Another places get pretty boring before lengthy.Inch

Your interest and gratification ought to be based on you skill to interest everyone else, not to interest yourself. Also to provide your audience most likely probably the most interesting experience, you need to know your posts well especially your keywords and key phrases, details and tales.

Rather they ought to be told, “You have carried out this before, so do you know what works. Provide them with that.”

“Imagine them naked.”

Mtss is a person around for eons. Which is frequently been silly advice. The likely result’s that could be it distracting,,,or disturbing!

Rather the recommendations must be to locate two or three individuals everyone else (ideally sitting lower in a variety of areas) who appear interested. Eye-to-eye contact is essential with such people. Ignore people with negative gestures. In the room of 20 or maybe more there’s always somebody that doesn’t need to be there (unless of course obviously you are a high profile!) They are not your problem. Just focus on the ones which do need to be there.

“Whatever you say ought to be not used to them.”

This produces a mindset where a speaker feels guilt once they say a thing that audience people frequently hear before. They apologetically introduce their pleased with lines like:

“I’m sorry for those who have heard this before… “

“You may have already seen this and, if that is the situation, I apologise.”

Rather they ought to be told, “It doesn’t matter if many of them may know of it before. Many won’t have and you’ll be deploying it inside your original context.” The simple truth is, there is no method that you should know everything audience people frequently hear before, so setting yourself an ‘originality test’ similar to this is absurd.


The Best Way To Trek To World’s Finish AND Survive

Methods For Getting There

The train ride to NuwaraEliya – the closest town to Horton Plains – from Colombo Fort station is roughly a 6 hour obtain a hearty misty hills and acres of untamed forest and cultivated land. Get your train tickets to NanuOya – the stop nearest to NuwaraEliya within the ticket counters. The 05:55 hrs train from Colombo may be the finest train to NanuOya, on either second class or third class compartments. Second class tickets cost LKR 370 while third class costs LKR 240. If you want to reserve your seat, pre-book another class ticket, but keep in mind that third class is run on a preliminary come first serve basis.


The 05:55 hrs train is deserving of to NanuOya close to noon, which leaves the required time to gather your property, grab a tuk within the station and mind in to the city to discover the accommodation and search-in. Fortunately, the quiet capital of scotland- NuwaraEliya provides extensive affordable hotels that you ought to pick from. Book ahead though. Trek to World’s Finish the next morning, the best places to attempt to attend the entrance by 06:00 hrs.

Methods For Getting To Horton Plains

Simply get on the web and execute a simple explore transport options to the protected park. A vehicle throughout the day should ideally cost you between LKR 4,500-5,000, which you’ll want to split as well as other vacationers.

#YohoTip Make buddies in your train ride, you’ll most likely hire a company who’s searching to speak about costs to Horton Plains.

Entrance to Horton Plains is hard and you will rely on having to pay a good deal, particularly if you’re not a real local or resident in Sri Lanka. Make certain you buy yourself, others together with you, the van as well as the driver – a 12% service tax and VAT is defined in to the entire. Foreign rates equal to LKR 4,000 for entrance while local tickets come costing LKR 60.

Worlds Finish

Inside this expansive protected park, you’ll find Bakers Fall, Little Worlds Finish, as well as the famous World’s Finish in Sri Lanka. The entire trail is roughly 9 km, make certain you pack water but get rid of the plastic labels within the bottle ahead of time. Whenever you achieve World’s Finish, make sure to not stand too around the edge when taking or posing for photographs. It’s a mighty extended drop towards the end! Rest well through the trek and continue to ensure it is away from the park before noon, just like a blanket of mist usually starts relocating around 10:00 hrs.