Debunked Myths about Crime Scene Cleaning


    Are you thinking of taking up a vacancy spot in a crime scene cleaning company Charlotte North Carolina? Or are you curious as to what crime scene cleaners face daily on their jobs? Here are a few facts that you might expect to learn on the job.


    • They Focus on Crime Scenes Alone


    A crime scene cleaning company Charlotte North Carolina does more than just clean crime scenes. In fact, they also offer other kinds of services that have to do with biohazard removal. Examples include tear gas removal, cleaning up meth labs, or hoarding clean up. All these cases in their extremes cannot be handled by untrained personnel for fear that their safety is compromised, thus the need for professionals.


    • Pathogens Can’t Spread Way Beyond the Body


    A trained crime scene cleaner knows that in most cases, just cleaning the area where the body has been in doesn’t do the job at all. There is always a fair chance that contaminants have spread beyond the body and thus a thorough cleanup is always conducted.

    Unattended death cleanups are usually the worst crime scene cleanups to perform because decomposition would have set in. This brings many other factors into play such as the presence of rodents and insects. These would surely spread contaminants way beyond the death scene. The stench and the body fluids that would have been soaked up by walls and floors would also pose another challenge for crime scene cleaners.


    • Price is Fixed


    While the general rates for crime scene cleaning services range from $3500 – $5000, it isn’t always guaranteed. No two crime scenes are exactly the same. This uniqueness calls for different pricing and sometimes property owners may be presented a bill that’s about $10,000 or more.

    The good news is most times, the insurance companies cover such expenses.


    • They Lack Empathy


    Many a crime scene cleaning companies in Charlotte North Carolina are now designating a member(s) on the crew as a spokesperson to the family they are working for. This person is supposed to be very kind and sympathetic. Crime scene cleaners have empathy when working with working on crime scenes. They are trained to show empathy to family members of the deceased.


    • You Can Never Be Fully Comfortable with the Job


    Veteran crime scene cleaners understand that no matter how many crime scenes they’ve worked on, they would still be appalled from time to time by all the gruesomeness. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do an excellent job though; it just means they are still humans. Nonetheless, you will get total satisfaction from the task done.

    In conclusion, while a job as a crime scene cleaner can be fairly lucrative, you must be certain that you are ready to handle all that it throws at you. You should also understand that sometimes the job can take a psychological toll on you and it would be great if you got all the help you need. You can only keep helping others get over their loss if you are in top psychological and physical condition.


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