Newspaper Carrier Day

Newspaper Carrier Day is celebrated in the United States and honors Barney Flaherty, the first newspaper carrier (or paperboy) hired in 1833, as well as all current newspaper carriers. It is celebrated on September 4, the anniversary of Flaherty’s hiring by Benjamin Day, publisher of the New York Sun. It is also observed by The Armidale Express, NSW, Australia, where cake is served.

Newspaper delivery is the last stage of newspaper circulation consisting of distributing newspapers to consumers. One method of distributing newspapers is selling newspapers on the street, or in favorable locations, either by a “newsboy” or at a news stand, or in vending machines, but newspaper delivery generally refers to delivery to subscribers on a regular route, usually by bicycle or automobile. Historically, this was done by adolescent boys using bicycles. Paperboys traditionally were and are still often portrayed on television and movies as preteen boys, often on a bicycle. Today, with the latest child labor laws, most paper boys are aged 13 or over.