National Unfriend Day

National Unfriend Day | November 17National Unfriend Day is celebrated on November 17th of each year.  Jimmy Kimmel established National Unfriend Day on November 17, 2010, in hopes it will inspire Facebook users to unfriend the social networking contacts that aren’t real friends.

According to ABC’s official Jimmy Kimmel website, “Friendship is sacred, and Jimmy believes Facebook is cheapening it.  So on November 17th, cut out some of the ‘friend fat.”  One subscriber comments, “I just went through my friends list and realized I don’t even like half of the people on it.  Most of them have never even said a word to me in YEARS!”

Even though National Unfriend Day is directed at Facebook, people should take a moment to look at their lives and identify and ‘friend fat’ that could be cut from their lives in general.