Look For Circles Day

Look For Circles Day is celebrated on November 2nd of each year.  The circle is such a simple shape, yet has some powerful meanings around the world.  Even though the staff at National Whatever Day were unable to locate the origin of Look For Circles Day we will still make a game of identifying all the circles we see as a way to celebrate.

A circle is a closed curve whose points are all on the same plane and at the same distance from a fixed point (the center).  The circle is a simple shape that has been known since before the beginning of recorded history. It is the basis for the wheel, which, with related inventions such as gears, makes much of modern civilization possible. In mathematics, the study of the circle has helped inspire the development of geometry and calculus.

The circle has been associated with; centering, completion, cycles, focus, infinity, mobility, moon, sun, wholeness and womb.  To the Native Americans, the circle is the sun, the moon and her children.  The Chinese use the circle to represent the union between heaven and earth.  Many cultures and religions use the circle as a protective boundary.

Whether you realize it or not, circles are a big part of our every day lives.  If it weren’t for the circle, the wheel would have never been invented and if the wheel had never been invented, we would still be riding horses as our means of transportation.  So, get out there and celebrate Look For Circles Day!