National Lost Sock Memorial Day

National Lost Sock Memorial Day is celebrated on May 9th of each year. The staff at National Whatever Day were unable to discover the origin of this holiday.

A sock is an item of clothing worn on the feet. Its name is derived from the loose-fitting slipper, called a soccus in Latin, worn by Roman comic actors. The modern English word sock is derived from the Old English word socc, meaning “light slipper”. This comes from the Latin soccus, a term to describe a “light, low-heeled shoe”, and deriving from the Ancient Greek word sykchos.

Often times one sock will go missing from the pair. If the missing sock is not found the owner has several options. They can wear mis-matched socks, throw away the remaining sock, or just go sock-less on one foot. However you decide to remedy the situation, remember your lost socks on May 9th, National Lost Sock Memorial Day.