National Repeat Day

Photo by Feral78 (Flickr)

Photo by Feral78 (Flickr)

National Repeat Day is celebrated on June 3rd of each year.  This is an unofficial holiday to celebrate the ability to doing something over again… doing something over again.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary:

transitive verb

  1. to say or state again; to say over from memory: RECITE; to say after another
  2. to make, do, or perform again <repeat an experiment>; to make appear again <the curtains repeat the wallpaper pattern> <will repeat the program tomorrow>; to go through or experience again <had to repeat third grade>
  3. to express or present (oneself) again in the same words, terms, or form

intransitive verb

  1. to say, do, or accomplish something again; especially : to win (as a sports championship) another time in succession