Tapioca Pudding Day

Tapioca Pudding Day is celebrated on July 15th of each year.  The staff at National Whatever Day were unable to discover the origin on Tapioca Pudding day.

Tapioca pudding (similar to sago pudding) is a sweet pudding made with tapioca (a starch extracted from a root) and either milk, or for lactose intolerant individuals, coconut milk. Coconut milk is also used in cases in which the flavor is preferred or in areas in which it is a commonplace ingredient for cooking. It is made in many cultures with equally varying styles, and may be produced in a variety of ways. Its consistency ranges from thin (runny), to thick, to firm enough to eat with a fork.

The pudding can be made from scratch using tapioca in a variety of forms: flakes, coarse meal, sticks, and pearls. Many commercial packaged mixes are also available.