National Nude Day

Carl Larsson. Skildrad av honom själv

National Nude Day is celebrated each year on July 14th.  The staff at National Whatever Day were unable to discover the origin of National Nude Day.

However, there is some belief that the holiday comes from New Zealand.  In 2003, streaking came to the forefront in New Zealand when television presenter, Mark Ellis, offered a monetary reward for anyone who streaked in from of Prime Minister, Helen Clark.  This was part of Ellis’ National Nude Day.  A TV program he presented, Hyundai Sports Cafe, regularly promoted nudity and asked for people to send in nude exploits for an annual “National Nude Day” competition, including a The Lord of the Rings parody by nude actors, and 30 naked ballet dancers (both male and female) performing in front of the University of Otago main building.