Culinarians Day

Photo by White House (Shealah Craighead)

Culinarians Day is celebrated on July 25th of each year.  The staff at National Whatever Day were unable to discover the origin of Culinarians Day. Though we believe it was established as a reminder to appreciate all the individuals who prepare your meals on a daily basis; whether it be the chef at the restaurant you visit or someone in your very own kitchen. If that someone happens to be you, then take a moment to reflect on why you love culinary arts.

Culinary arts is the art of preparing and cooking foods. The word “culinary” is defined as something related to, or connected with, cooking. A culinarion is a person working in the culinary arts. A culinarian working in restaurants is commonly known as a cook or a chef. Culinary artists are responsible for skilfully preparing meals that are as pleasing to the palate as to the eye. They are required to have a knowledge of the science of food and an understanding of diet and nutrition. They work primarily in restaurants, delicatessens, hospitals and other institutions. Kitchen conditions vary depending on the type of business, restaurant, nursing home, etc.