Mitten Tree Day

Mitten Tree Day is celebrated on December 6th of each year.  The staff at National Whatever Day were unable to identify the origin of Mitten Tree Day, however we believe it came about in response to The Mitten Tree, by Candace Christiansen.

The Mitten Tree is about Sarah,a lady who misses her grown children and so, she watches the children who wait for the school bus near the big evergreen tree.  Even though Sarah smiles at the children, it appears they do not see her.  And then she notices some of the children are unable to play in the snow because they don’t have mittens or they have mismatched mittens.  Sarah ends up knitting a basket full of mittens and hangs them all over the evergreen tree for all the children.  The story goes that when Sarah runs out of yarn, a basket full of yarn appears on her front porch and she doesn’t know who it is from.  In return, Sarah knits mittens for all the boys and girls in town and they don’t know the mittens are from her.

This is a heart-warming story and one that should be shared.  Share this story with someone on Mitten Tree Day, or better yet, give some mittens to someone less fortunate than yourself.

a lady who knits mittens anonymously and then leaves the mittens in trees for school children.