Draw A Bird Day

Draw A Bird Day is a movement that originated in the United Kingdom in the mid to late 1940s.

Taking place on the 8th of April every year, DABDay is a day when people all over the world draw birds. These images are then shared for everyone’s viewing pleasure.
In its earliest incarnations the drawings were restricted to pencil only. In later years, crayons were also allowed, opening up the day to many who, for various reasons, were not allowed access to sharp items such as a pencil or craft knife.

More recently, the use of electronic means such as computer drawing packages has been permitted on DABDay. Further, the use of the Internet has allowed participants to share their drawings with far more people than previously would have been possible.

The only restrictions that now apply to Draw A Bird Day are that any picture purporting to be part of the day must be drawn, and perhaps most crucially must contain a bird. It is important to remember that pictures need not be any good. It is not a contest. DABDay is about spreading joy.